Millennials to place CSR at the forefront of business objectives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a big buzz topic in contemporary business, and with the gross value of ‘matters CSR’ worth £76bn in the UK alone, it’s clearly an important commercial focus. We have seen a rise in people taking an active interest in the ethical practices of the companies they buy from; there’s active… Read more »

Eye tracking : Are you making the most of technology to add value to your qualitative research?

Eye tracking is a great way to maximise your research budget and understand the moment of truth; here are some of our observations from recent eye tracking projects that we have completed on what it can help you achieve. It take shoppers between 80-200 milliseconds to process what they’re looking at, and only a few milliseconds to forget what they… Read more »

What’s next? Building strategies for growth

They say that a week is a long time in politics, and the past 4 weeks have certainly been testament to that. Now the dust is beginning to settle on the referendum result, and the new political landscape is unfolding, our clients are starting to consider the implications that Brexit will have for their business…. Read more »

Living with Gen Zedders and the Vlogger Revolution

When we gave our Lunch & Learn talk last year on Generation Z, little did I know that one year on, I would be living the findings of that research. I am learning very quickly the extent of Vlogger influence on my 8 & 11 year old daughters. When I asked my 8 year old… Read more »

Reassuring news from PwC about the Research and Evidence Market

As researchers we’re encouraged by the news from PwC’s research and evidence 2016 market sector review; not only does the research (which is commissioned by the Market Research Society; MRS) show the market has grown by almost £2 billion, the number of full time employees has increased to almost 14,000 since 2012. The Business of… Read more »

In a world where we have more choice than ever, why are we still stuck in a mid-week meal rut?

I’m bored! I’m always cooking the same meals! I’m stuck in a rut! All phrases we hear so often in research, and with an increasingly time-poor consumer base, brands are striving to make life easier with a plethora of new products coming to market every year. But despite the apparent desire for new and interesting… Read more »

Sam Mendes on using ethnography to influence the final cut of his latest blockbuster – Spectre

If marketeers want to get to know their consumers as people, rather than as a statistic, there’s no substitute for in-the-moment, consumer observation. So, how enlivening to learn that movie director Sam Mendes took an ethnographic approach to understanding viewer response during previews of his latest blockbuster Spectre!  In an interview with Mark Kermode & Simon… Read more »

The curse of choice paralysis

Logic dictates that having lots of options should be good for consumers. After-all isn’t this what people want – more choice? The simple answer is no, not always. We work across various food and drink categories and often hear how too much choice can hamper experimentation and reinforce habitual behaviours.  It is not unusual to… Read more »

No more research bashing please!

The misleading General Election opinion polls have led to much research bashing in the media.  In particular, there is much criticism of research that fails to take into account the gulf between what people say they are going to do and what they actually do. This is an age old research challenge and there must be hundreds of… Read more »

Pension changes : opportunity or threat for the retirement-ready?

There are exciting times ahead for the financial services industry with one of the most widescale reforms in recent years set to come into force imminently. Much has been made in the media of the dangers of this reform, but our research with ‘at-retirement’ consumers suggests that, in contrast, they welcome the changes…but are proceeding… Read more »