Newsletter Archives: November 2015

Sam Mendes on using ethnography to influence the final cut of his latest blockbuster – Spectre

If marketeers want to get to know their consumers as people, rather than as a statistic, there’s no substitute for in-the-moment, consumer observation.

So, how enlivening to learn that movie director Sam Mendes took an ethnographic approach to understanding viewer response during previews of his latest blockbuster Spectre!  In an Read more »

Finalists in our Midst!

We are delighted to announce that our work on Loyd Grossman Pan Melts has been shortlisted for the prestigious AQR Prosper Riley Smith Excellence award.

Our paper showcases how a simple twist to a research methodology along with a splash of rebellious brilliance helped Premier Foods re-think and re-frame their NPD.  Sometimes… Read more »