Finalists in our Midst!

13th November 2015

We are delighted to announce that our work on Loyd Grossman Pan Melts has been shortlisted for the prestigious AQR Prosper Riley Smith Excellence award.

Our paper showcases how a simple twist to a research methodology along with a splash of rebellious brilliance helped Premier Foods re-think and re-frame their NPD.  Sometimes its the simplest of projects, approaches or discoveries that make a piece of research worthy of celebration.  This is certainly the case with Pan Melts.  Our innovative qualitative approach had a genuine role to play by delivering behavioural insights that helped salvage the NPD proposition and transform it into a future growth opportunity.  Our research steered the Loyd Grossman marketing team to re-think Melts as a simple ‘Stir, Melt, Serve’ hob cooking proposition rather than an in-oven glaze.

Our research gave Premier Foods the confidence to followa new direction :  “We knew we had a great product on our hands but getting consumers to understand our product benefit in concept form was proving to be tricky. One-MS’s approach of participants filming themselves preparing and trying the new product gave us an absolute game changer of an insight”

It’s exciting to see the proven value of qualitative research.  Pan Melts has secured listings in key Grocers and is heralded as genuine NPD within cooking sauces, currently a stagnant category.  Premier Foods is enjoying significant 19% growth in its share price a bigger achievement than it might sound as the company is one of the casualties of falling sales in the big supermarkets. Pan Melts is one of the lines introduced to combat this decline.

We keep our fingers crossed for the 7th December at the MRS Awards dinner when the winner will be announced.  However the true value of success is knowing that insights One-MS has uncovered is helping Premier make products the nation loves most for modern life.


Loyd Grossman Pan Melts