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Have yourself a Covid little Christmas

A Covid Christmas

We have checked back in with our Lockdown panelists to see how they are approaching Christmas and how their shopping habits have changed.  There are some interesting observations in here which may chime with your own Christmas behaviours.

Life after lockdown

Will we ever return to normal?  Or can normal not come soon enough?  In this article we discuss life in a post Covid world.  ONE MS LOCKDOWN INSIGHTS COVID IMPACTS

Lockdown : a time of self reflection

We asked our lockdown panel what they think they have learnt about themselves in lockdown.  Here are their reflections.


The future of shopping post lockdown

As lockdown restrictions ease the retail environment as we know it is changing.  Read what our panellists expect the new retail world to look like.


Brand heroes in lockdown


Lockdown has been an opportunity for brands to step up and misjudging the mood of the nation has been noted.  This output considers brands who have stepped up and brand mis-steps during lockdown.

Mental wellbeing in lockdown

As lockdown measures ease our panel is becoming more positive.  Reconnection with other people providing a small, but much needed,  taste of normality.ONE MS LOCKDOWN INSIGHTS MENTAL WELL BEING

New routines? Engaging with exercise during Lockdown

Has rediscovering exercise been a positive benefit of living life in lockdown?  In this short article we review exercise in lockdown.  What new behaviour do our panellists want to take forward?  Exercise in Lockdown FINAL

Saving or spending in Lockdown?

Here’s the latest Life in Lockdown snapshot – this one focuses on our panel’s attitude to spending and saving money during lockdown. We’re seeing some small changes in behaviour (some forced, of course), but no wholesale changes in their approach to managing money. ONE MS LOCKDOWN INSIGHTS 19 MAY

Shopping in Lockdown. Birth of new era?

This output concentrates on shopping patterns in lockdown.  Specifically, we look at the difference in shopping activity over a 4 week period and how new behaviours are beginning to bed in.