Newsletter Archives: July 2014

Junior Apprentice

School pupils from our neighbouring infant school enjoyed a taste of the working world of market research as part of a special enterprise week project developed by teachers.  A group of nearly 60 six and seven-year-olds were invited to use our state of the art studio facilities at Babble Research Studios.  Children were set the… Read more »

Powering Sales Growth

Our work continues to get recognised in advertising and commercial circles.  We are proud to be a long standing research partner of Müller Dairies who last month won The Grocer’s coveted Brand of the Year award.  By its own admission Müller was out of touch with its consumers and over reliant on promotions.  2013 brought a triumphant… Read more »

Shaping success through building strong propositions

A staggering 4 out of 5 new products fail.  Building product propositions underpinned with strong consumer insight is essential to win at the shelf.  Shoppers are drawn towards new products and retailers remain keen to bring new products to the supermarket shelves.  One-MS has honed our response to proposition testing to  ensure that the outputs… Read more »