Junior Apprentice

12th July 2014

School pupils from our neighbouring infant school enjoyed a taste of the working world of market research as part of a special enterprise week project developed by teachers.  A group of nearly 60 six and seven-year-olds were invited to use our state of the art studio facilities at Babble Research Studios.  Children were set the task of developing a healthy cereal snack bar and had to make a range of business choices, from choosing the ingredients to deciding the name and wrapper design. ‘Team Squirrels’ and ‘Team Robins’ carried out their own market research and decided the winning combination for their healthy cereal snack bar – with their activities streamed live via the internet to parents, staff and pupils watching at school.  There were two clear winners – the children chose the “chewy, delicious” apricot bar and the “crunchy, healthy” cranberry bar.