Newsletter Archives: October 2014

The purpose and value of pre-tasking (or we prefer to call it ‘groundwork’)

We challenge the widely-used term ‘pre-tasking’; we prefer to call it groundwork…it sounds less onerous and more collaborative.

We occasionally get challenged on whether it’s appropriate to set groundwork for participants to complete prior to attending group discussions.  There are of course occasions when it’s not appropriate (for example creative development research when we don’t… Read more »

New Stars!

The October edition of The Grocer celebrates the new stars of branded food and drink and we are proud to have worked on 3 of the products chosen: Muller de Luxe, Maryland Gooeys & Pukka Pies.

 The Grocer One MS

Food for the body & mind

Great to have the opportunity to share our insights on Millennials & what turns them onto a brand as guest speaker at the ICG networking event on Monday; a fantastic event which stimulated some interesting debate among fellow researchers.  As usual, babble’s hospitality was outstanding…all in all a feast for the body and the mind! 

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“I would never dream of protecting my skin in this country”

This typifies our attitude to sun protection in the UK. Having recently completed a study on the subject, it seems that the UK consumer has a paradoxical relationship with the sun. We are well aware of the dangers of sun exposure but we don’t practice what we preach.  We only change our behaviour when we… Read more »