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Living with Gen Zedders and the Vlogger Revolution

When we gave our Lunch & Learn talk last year on Generation Z, little did I know that one year on, I would be living the findings of that research. I am learning very quickly the extent of Vlogger influence on my 8 & 11 year old daughters.

When I asked… Read more »

The curse of choice paralysis

Logic dictates that having lots of options should be good for consumers. After-all isn’t this what people want – more choice?

The simple answer is no, not always.

We work across various food and drink categories and often hear how too much choice can hamper experimentation and reinforce habitual behaviours.  It is not unusual to… Read more »

No more research bashing please!

The misleading General Election opinion polls have led to much research bashing in the media.  In particular, there is much criticism of research that fails to take into account the gulf between what people say they are going to do and what they actually do. This is an age old research challenge and there must be hundreds of… Read more »

Packaging design : an innovative research approach

To understand how your packaging is likely to work ‘in real life, it should be researched in its competitive context, using 3D mock-ups; the environment in which your packaging will be seen is fundamental to how the design is ‘processed’. Evaluating the potential of design via boards alone will only ever give you half the… Read more »

“I would never dream of protecting my skin in this country”

This typifies our attitude to sun protection in the UK. Having recently completed a study on the subject, it seems that the UK consumer has a paradoxical relationship with the sun. We are well aware of the dangers of sun exposure but we don’t practice what we preach.  We only change our behaviour when we… Read more »

HO HO HO in a heatwave!

How do you research Christmas gift pack designs half way through the year during some unusually hot weather?

Never one to shy away from a challenge, we went all out to re-create Christmas of course!

We believed that by making Christmas a tangible theme for participants, it would maximise effectiveness of the research.

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