Packaging design : an innovative research approach

10th February 2015

To understand how your packaging is likely to work ‘in real life, it should be researched in its competitive context, using 3D mock-ups; the environment in which your packaging will be seen is fundamental to how the design is ‘processed’. Evaluating the potential of design via boards alone will only ever give you half the picture. In other words, what might have impact in the context of an A3 board, could easily fade into the background once seen on shelf and this is true of all categories in which we have conducted packaging research; from toiletries, to pies, to cheese to alcohol.

That’s why we bring to life brands in the retail space. Shelf mock ups are used to replicate an in-store fixture so that your product (3D mock up) is initially seen and evaluated in its genuine competitive context, not in isolation. The sessions begin with participants working individually to browse the fixture, to assess stand out & appeal, based on their first impressions. In other words, reflecting the spontaneity of decision making that takes place ‘in real life’.