Living with Gen Zedders and the Vlogger Revolution

15th April 2016

When we gave our Lunch & Learn talk last year on Generation Z, little did I know that one year on, I would be living the findings of that research. I am learning very quickly the extent of Vlogger influence on my 8 & 11 year old daughters.

When I asked my 8 year old why she had put Lush products on her Christmas list, her response was: “because Zoella has a big basket of Lush products and she says how brilliant they are”. This was the moment Vlogger influence on household decision making was played out for real and I realised these are my children’s role models.

YouTubers are taking over the media consumed by tweens & teenagers with the most popular of them enjoying a fanbase that extends into the millions. Their fans can watch when they want, where they want – no waiting for start times or making appointments to view, they simply ‘snack’ on the available content.

Brands should wake up to the fact that this provides an audience reach, unlikely to be achieved in other channels. As I am experiencing first hand at home, this influence can and does translate into direct purchase action.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, take the time to watch YouTubers in action as it is a way of gaining free insight into a teen or tween audience. What tone of voice is used? What humour are they responding to? What products are being used/promoted? It’s a gold mine.

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Lunch and Learn - Gen Z