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Quirks London Event: ‘Misrepresentation of dads in the media’

Fabulous day at the Quirks London event! Thank you to everyone that attended our session about the ‘Misrepresentation of dads in the media’ presented alongside Catherine Haigh from Premier Foods.  Here’s a snapshot of our day!  If you were unable to attend or haven’t read our paper, a webinar of the paper is available… Read more »

Fantastic Agency Training on Semiotics

Thanks to Dr. Nick Gadsby, a commercial semiotician and founder of ‘The Answer’ for delivering some fantastic agency training on semiotics. Great to understand how broader cultural influences and trends affect consumer decision making and brands – we’re looking forward getting our teeth into new semiotics design and analysis very soon! Here our initial thoughts… Read more »

It’s time to take plastic off the menu

Sir David Attenborough has always been on my celebrity dinner party list, and I’m thrilled by his return to the BBC for Blue Planet II. I’ve been marvelled both by him, and by the oceans beyond our more familiar shorelines.

As magical as the marine life and cinematography is in the new series, within the… Read more »

Millennials to place CSR at the forefront of business objectives

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a big buzz topic in contemporary business, and with the gross value of ‘matters CSR’ worth £76bn in the UK alone, it’s clearly an important commercial focus.

We have seen a rise in people taking an active interest in the ethical practices of the companies they buy from; there’s active… Read more »

Eye tracking : Are you making the most of technology to add value to your qualitative research?


Eye tracking is a great way to maximise your research budget and understand the moment of truth; here are some of our observations from recent eye tracking projects that we have completed on what it can help… Read more »

Reassuring news from PwC about the Research and Evidence Market

As researchers we’re encouraged by the news from PwC’s research and evidence 2016 market sector review; not only does the research (which is commissioned by the Market Research Society; MRS) show the market has grown by almost £2 billion, the number of full time employees has increased to almost 14,000 since 2012.

The Business of… Read more »

Sam Mendes on using ethnography to influence the final cut of his latest blockbuster – Spectre

If marketeers want to get to know their consumers as people, rather than as a statistic, there’s no substitute for in-the-moment, consumer observation.

So, how enlivening to learn that movie director Sam Mendes took an ethnographic approach to understanding viewer response during previews of his latest blockbuster Spectre!  In an Read more »

Participants as movie-makers

We’ve often used video footage as a way of bringing research to life, whether that be for brand positioning, NPD or Creative Development research, but there’s nothing better than seeing consumers in their natural environment and in control of their own video footage.

There’s definitely a role for in-store voxpops and summary videos at the… Read more »

The value of Crowd Sourcing as a supporting research tool

Crowd Sourcing is an interesting and collaborative tool that we’ve found valuable as a supporting research tool. We’ve used a bespoke photo-sharing site for participants to upload photos to – in the past this has included anything from photos of food they’re consuming, to examples of advertising they find compelling.

In particular, we’ve found it… Read more »

The fascination of cultural and social differences

Always a joy to view international fieldwork and see cultural differences emerge.  The Dutch continue to fascinate me with their pragmatic and modest outlook…hesitant at projecting success, their courage, honesty and ability to hold opinion-fuelled debates and their punctuality of arriving for discussion groups!

In our recent research it was captivating to explore the differences… Read more »