Participants as movie-makers

16th December 2014

We’ve often used video footage as a way of bringing research to life, whether that be for brand positioning, NPD or Creative Development research, but there’s nothing better than seeing consumers in their natural environment and in control of their own video footage.

There’s definitely a role for in-store voxpops and summary videos at the end of a focus group, but there is extraordinary value in self-shot, in-home video clips.

A recent project saw participants record and upload their own response to a range of potential new snacks.  Seeing participants record their reviews and use of the product, in the natural environment in which they’d usually be consumed, was fascinating.

We saw the products being produced from the toaster, being consumed with complimentary foods and being given the thumbs up from the rest of the family…all incredibly valuable context in understanding the role, usage and appeal of the products.

In summary : where appropriate, relinquish control and let your participants be the Movie Director!