Modern Dad: A misrepresented man?

26th January 2018

Much has been made in the recent marketing press of the role of mum. Research studies conducted by Unilever and Mumsnet with Saatchi & Saatchi unpick what it means to be a mum today and in doing so, paint a picture of a hugely diverse group of women whose individual needs are not being well served by marketers. But what about dad? His role within the Modern Family has also undertaken a significant shift but he is often overlooked. Are we guilty of casual sexism? Are we overlooking him in the assumption that mum is the chief shopper and meal maker? When you and your marketing team think about targeting, are ‘mums’ your default audience?

We are conducting some bespoke research to bust the myths and clichés that grocery shopping & meal making are the sole preserve of women. How do dads feel about the way in which they are portrayed in the media? Do they feel understood or do they see a tokenistic portrayal, where the kitchen is still the preserve of mum? We are looking forward to wading into this topical debate. Watch this space for more information.

If this is a subject that has piqued your interest, get in touch and we can thread some of your questions or challenges into our bespoke research.