As a marketer, are you guilty of casual sexism?

11th April 2018

So much has been highlighted in the media about modern parents.  Despite seeing significant changes in traditional family roles, dads’ contributions to household responsibilities are often overlooked.

We are excited to say we have completed our own research exploring what it means to be a dad in 21st Century Britain.  Our findings are illuminating!

The traditional image of dad is the breadwinner, the disciplinarian, the family provider.  Our research highlights for today’s dads that’s not enough – they want to nurture, support and build a fun and enjoyable relationship with their children.

Our research has highlighted that today’s dads are taking a much more invested role, not only in fatherhood but also household responsibilities.  The majority of dads in our research share responsibility for the grocery shopping. Are we guilty as marketers of overlooking dad as a key shopper and consumer?  How many of your research and communications briefs target mum as the chief shopper and cook?

We are delighted to say we have been chosen to speak at the Market Research Summit on 24th May where we will provide more insight into the role of modern dads today.

Also watch this space… our Lunch and Learn session is coming up on Friday 22nd June 2018 at Babble Research, Solihull