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Modern Dad: Everyone’s talking about it

The subject of gender equality is all over the media and has created a massive talking point, but this has mostly been debated through a female lens. Turning the debate on its head, we have considered this issue from Dad’s perspective and have carried out self-funded research with 19 dads focusing on what it means… Read more »

Understanding humans needs a human touch

The market research industry today is unrecognizable from the industry it was a few years ago. In many ways, the art of understanding people has been made easier through technology and there is much talk in the media of brands turning increasingly to automated research to improve efficiency and accuracy of information. If this is… Read more »

What’s next? Building strategies for growth

They say that a week is a long time in politics, and the past 4 weeks have certainly been testament to that. Now the dust is beginning to settle on the referendum result, and the new political landscape is unfolding, our clients are starting to consider the implications that Brexit will have for their business…. Read more »

Out of the oven, into the pan

Back in November, we announced that our work on Loyd Grossman Pan Melts had been shortlisted for the prestigious AQR Prosper Riley Smith Excellence Award.  Our innovative qualitative approach had a genuine role to play in the launch of this product, by delivering insights that helped salvage the NPD proposition and transform it into a future growth opportunity. Click… Read more »

Finalists in our Midst!

We are delighted to announce that our work on Loyd Grossman Pan Melts has been shortlisted for the prestigious AQR Prosper Riley Smith Excellence award. Our paper showcases how a simple twist to a research methodology along with a splash of rebellious brilliance helped Premier Foods re-think and re-frame their NPD.  Sometimes its the simplest of… Read more »

Pension changes : opportunity or threat for the retirement-ready?

There are exciting times ahead for the financial services industry with one of the most widescale reforms in recent years set to come into force imminently. Much has been made in the media of the dangers of this reform, but our research with ‘at-retirement’ consumers suggests that, in contrast, they welcome the changes…but are proceeding… Read more »

How Pizza Hut used qualitative market research to help drive business change

The total eating out market will reach £82.8bn this year.  Growth in this sector is hard won:  not only is there a plethora of branded chains for diners to choose from, there is also a desire from diners for a holistic experience when they eat out. Pizza Hut Restaurants has been on our high street… Read more »

Taking stock: Reflecting on Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) as a Qualitative Research Tool

These days, it’s rare for a research project to comprise a single element or methodology, and online communities (MROCs) are increasingly a tool we turn to, to supplement or complement traditional face to face tools. We have found that clients like trying new things too, and value the ability to watch the proceedings unfold –learning… Read more »

The purpose and value of pre-tasking (or we prefer to call it ‘groundwork’)

We challenge the widely-used term ‘pre-tasking’; we prefer to call it groundwork…it sounds less onerous and more collaborative. We occasionally get challenged on whether it’s appropriate to set groundwork for participants to complete prior to attending group discussions.  There are of course occasions when it’s not appropriate (for example creative development research when we don’t… Read more »