Traditional Qualitative Market Research methodologies : Ethnography

The Power of Observational Research

The beauty of ethnography is in being able to observe consumers in their natural environment and to understand their behaviours over-time.

Consumer Observation (often conducted in combination with interviews) generates a deep contextual understanding to gain insight into how consumers think, live, work, play and interact with brands and products…generating insights that deliver  research that takes you further.  Our bespoke Shop&Stop qualitative market research methodology is the perfect example of this for understanding shopper behaviour in store.

Our use of ethnography varies depending on the research and business objectives, but has comprised of…

Longitudinal shopper diaries : To explore decision making factors, shoppers were asked to keep a 6-month long diary of their toiletry purchases, including reasons for their choice, influences at fixture and the role of promotional mechanics.

Self-shot participant footage : From seeing video footage of how consumers cook, shave, trial new products and consume breakfast ‘on the go’; real time, in-the-moment footage is invaluable for providing additional contextual learning.  Our ReelMe&MobileMe methodologies form a fundamental part of this qualitative offering.

Observing in-store and in-home behaviours : From having a cuppa on the sofa with participants to observe their response to TV ads and idents, to watching shoppers at the fixture in supermarkets, these in-the-moment observations, coupled with depth interviews,  provide richness and depth to our understanding of consumer behaviour and decision making.

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