Traditional Qualitative Market Research methodologies: Individual depth interviews (IDIs)

A one-on-one Qualitative Research technique

We include Individual depth interviews when we need to elicit in individual responses to marketing stimuli or concepts, or for discussion of sensitive topics. They take on different guises, depending on the specific qualitative market research objectives…

Accompanied shopping Trips (ASTs) and intercept interviews: Powerful when shopper decision-making is at the heart of the market research objectives.

In home market research:  Effective for adding the all-important layer of real life. Coupling in home interviews with audits & photos of bathroom cabinets, fridges or toy cupboards helps bring to life your brand and product in-situ.

Teledepths :  Telephone interviews are an invaluable approach when recruiting difficult to reach consumers (whether that be geographically or time poor individuals).  It’s also a cost-effective solution when there’s no need for a response to visual stimulus.

We’re also experienced in conducting B2B, stakeholder and expert interviews…from Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs) to Retail Store Managers and Teachers.

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