Our Bespoke Qualitative Market Research methodologies : MockShop

Evaluating packaging design by replicating the in-store environment

Why do we use the MockShop approach?

We know that packaging is absolutely fundamental in the customer purchasing journey; if it doesn’t do its job on shelf, it is a waste of time.  Therefore, finding the right approach for your packaging research is essential to success.

How does the MockShop work?

We bring to life your brand in the retail space. Shelf mock ups are used to replicate an in-store fixture so that your product (3D mock up) is initially seen and evaluated in its genuine competitive context, not in isolation.

As part of the sessions, participants are invited to individually browse the fixture, to assess stand out & impact  without the influence of others, to reflect the spontaneity of decision making that takes place in real life.

Following this, participants re-group and packaging designs  discussed in more detail but without deconstruction to the point where people start to find elements to criticise; elements they probably wouldn’t notice in reality.

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