Traditional Qualitative Market Research methodologies

Our approach to Qualitative Market Research

We use a broad range of both traditional & bespoke qualitative market research methodologies in our approach to each project design; every research brief is unique and the thinking behind every proposed approach is tailored to the individual research and business objectives.

Underpinning each and every one of our market research projects is a range of traditional qualitative methodologies, and of course all are facilitated by enthusiastic and skilled members of our qualitative research team

How often have you heard market research focus group discussions criticised for being overly rational, out-dated and not really getting to the heart of consumer behaviour or decision making? More…

The beauty of ethnography is in being able to observe consumers in their natural environment and to understand their behaviours over-time. More…

We include Individual Depth Interviews when we need to elicit individual responses to marketing stimuli or concepts, or for discussion of sensitive topics. They take on different guises, depending on the specific qualitative market research objectives. More…

Our market research remit includes :

Group discussions I Individual depth interviews (IDIs) I Ethnography I Accompanied Shopping Trips (ASTs) I Intercept interviews I Telephone interviews I Online diaries I Consumer Vlogs I Online I Voxpops I shopping sessions I Blogs & communities I Mobile photo uploads I Online group discussions I Co-creation I Consumer workshops I Stakeholder interviews I B2B Interviews I

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