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ONE MS Go To Workshop Bootcamp

Thanks to Parrafin for their workshop Bootcamp training; in this video ONE MS Director Jemma Phelps talks about how we’re excited to optimise our up and coming workshops using new ideas for pre-engagement tasks, energisers and creative tasks to disrupt peoples thinking, to ultimately maximise both participant enjoyment and the effectiveness of our workshops. Watch… Read more »

Quirks London Event: ‘Misrepresentation of dads in the media’

Fabulous day at the Quirks London event! Thank you to everyone that attended our session about the ‘Misrepresentation of dads in the media’ presented alongside Catherine Haigh from Premier Foods.  Here’s a snapshot of our day!  If you were unable to attend or haven’t read our paper, a webinar of the paper is available here: … Read more »

Fantastic Agency Training on Semiotics

Thanks to Dr. Nick Gadsby, a commercial semiotician and founder of ‘The Answer’ for delivering some fantastic agency training on semiotics. Great to understand how broader cultural influences and trends affect consumer decision making and brands – we’re looking forward getting our teeth into new semiotics design and analysis very soon! Here our initial thoughts… Read more »

Understanding Pension Freedoms in a World of Change

Click here to read our paper from the 2018 MRS Financial Services Conference. We are in a time of unprecedented pension changes with radical changes to private workplace pensions.  Our paper considers the audience view of these seismic pension changes.  We conducted a programme of research to look at these issues from a 360◦ perspective, reviewing… Read more »

Fake ham, electric cars and bees that make plastic – a story of an internship in market research

Have you ever given a second thought as to why cooking paste is placed in the sauce aisle and not with the mixed herb section? Or how an Australian bee might be the answer to fully recyclable packaging? Before my time at ONE MS neither had I! It’s safe to say that being an intern… Read more »

Modern Dad: Everyone’s talking about it

The subject of gender equality is all over the media and has created a massive talking point, but this has mostly been debated through a female lens. Turning the debate on its head, we have considered this issue from Dad’s perspective and have carried out self-funded research with 19 dads focusing on what it means… Read more »

As a marketer, are you guilty of casual sexism?

So much has been highlighted in the media about modern parents.  Despite seeing significant changes in traditional family roles, dads’ contributions to household responsibilities are often overlooked. We are excited to say we have completed our own research exploring what it means to be a dad in 21st Century Britain.  Our findings are illuminating! The traditional… Read more »

Knowledge is a powerful thing… If you know it about the right person

Participant quality is the biggest challenge facing the research industry at present, according to Livemind and SketchBook’s 2018 Research on Recruitment report. Effective recruitment is about finding genuine people who meet the brief and can contribute meaningfully to a project; it’s not just about bums on seats. Particularly in the fickle world of FMCG, it… Read more »

Modern Dad: A misrepresented man?

Much has been made in the recent marketing press of the role of mum. Research studies conducted by Unilever and Mumsnet with Saatchi & Saatchi unpick what it means to be a mum today and in doing so, paint a picture of a hugely diverse group of women whose individual needs are not being well… Read more »

Is it time to revisit your ABCs?

The social grading classification system was launched by the National Readership Survey in 1956 and to quote them “has been the research industry’s source of social grade data for over 50 years”.  Quite right.  We are all too familiar with the ‘BC1’ or ‘C2D’ letter sequences on research briefs.  But are we so familiar with… Read more »