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Proposition testing amongst ‘informed’ & ‘cold’ consumers

Why do we use the Proposition Plus approach?

Building product propositions underpinned with strong consumer insight is essential to winning at the shelf.  Shoppers are drawn towards new products and retailers remain keen to bring new products to the supermarket shelves.  One-MS has honed our response to proposition testing to  ensure that the outputs reflect these commercial realities.

How does Proposition Plus work?

Half the participants get to experience the product via pre-placement so that they can share an ‘informed’ & realistic view on how the proposition should be brought to life.  But, as this does not reflect whereby consumers come to a product ‘cold’ without prior trial, the remaining half  work with written concepts & claims to understand  and identify the  hook that will make the proposition motivating & appealing,

The beauty of this evaluative approach is that it provides clarity on how to deliver & manage expectations without over or under promising.

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