Our Bespoke Qualitative Market Research methodologies : Concept Kitchen

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Filtering, prioritising and optimising your New Product Development (NPD) concepts

Why do we use the Concept Kitchen approach in our Market Research?

To provide an efficient , dynamic & co-creative approach for screening a large number of concepts without the dreaded ‘over-analysis’ of the idea.  A perfect evaluative qualitative research methodology for  early stages of an innovation process, in order to identify and prioritise concepts with strongest potential within your New product Development (NPD) pipeline to drive future brand success.

How does the Concept Kitchen approach work?

Concepts are spilt into themes, each given a dedicated ‘station’ and qualitative research moderator.  We invite c.20 consumers, as well as client stakeholders, to a session and over the course of the event, spend ~3 hours, with time spent at each station evaluating the concepts.

Research moderators gauge consumer response to ideas and look for ways to optimise them with the input of client stakeholder.

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