About Us

We are a Qualitative Market Research Agency based in Birmingham

We are often asked: “Why One-MS?”

Quite simply, it stands for One Minute Silence. Although it may seem meaningless to some, a minute is in fact a precious thing. In today’s world a mere 60 seconds can alter everything. Across the globe, every minute of every day, the average consumer is exposed to 4 brand messages, 300 Facebook profiles are created, £160,000m is spent online, 278,000 tweets are tweeted and 204 million emails are sent. Against this backdrop of constant noise and distractions, brands still need to work hard to get noticed and must engage.

And that’s where we come in. Our philosophy is simple: a minute is precious and powerful, especially in a brand’s world. If your consumers stopped and thought about your brand for just one minute, what would they say?

Connecting with consumers in the most relevant way and listening acutely to what they have to say gives insight, clarity and the truth. This is how we deliver research that takes you further.

Got one minute?

Watch our one minute reel to find out more about us and the work we do.